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The ComicsPRO Industry Appreciation Award

About the award:

The direct market remains the way most comic-book stories get from creator to fan. ComicsPRO wants to honor those people who stand in that gap and help smooth the process. From publishers, distributors, marketers, creators and more, a lot of people are involved in bringing the stories we all love to market. ComicsPRO would like to stand up and recognize those who have been simply the best at what they do, making the comic-book direct market more successful for all of us. ComicsPRO has created The ComicsPRO Industry Appreciation Award to honor these individuals.

There are two categories for the Industry Appreciation Award, one for professionals who are still active in the business of comics and a Memorial Award one for those who have passed away and left an indelible mark on the profession of comic book specialty retailing. After a period of accepting nominations from members, the ComicsPRO Board of Directors presents the final ballot. Members will vote for one Award recipient from each category.


2013 ComicsPRO Industry Appreciation Award Winners

2013 ComicsPRO Industry Appreciation Award Winner - Cindy Fournier

Fournier is the VP of Operations for Diamond Comic Distributors. She works from Diamond’s home office of Timonium, MD, where she oversees the myriad of duties related to transportation, warehouse management and operations.  In a very critical role for the industry, Cindy is responsible for pulling together all the various aspects of making sure retailers get their shipments in an efficient and cost-effective manner.  Fournier has worked in the comics field since 1987, starting with the mail order division of  Mile High Comics. She then went on to work for Alternate Realities Distribution Company, which was then acquired by Bud Plant Distribution.  After Bud Plant sold to Diamond, Cindy was transferred to Hayward, CA, to run Diamond’s distribution center there.

2013 Industry Appreciation Memorial Award Winner - Will Eisner

Will Eisner’s breadth of material spans the eight decades of American comics history, veering from his earliest efforts in adventure and superhero comics while the medium was in its infancy, to 35 years of more mature work best exemplified by the standard-bearer for all graphic novels, A Contract With God. He is credited as an early proponent of the graphic novel and of keeping evergreen material in print. His impeccable design sense raised the bar for every artist that came with and after him. On the business side, Eisner understood the unique relationship between creator and retailer, founding the “Spirit of Comics” award that recognizes the work of the industry’s brightest retailers.

The 2013 nominees are Scott Dunbier, David Gabriel, Bill Schanes, Eric Stephenson.
The 2013 memorial nominees are Julius Schwartz, Shel Dorf, and Joe Kubert.

Previous Awards


For more information, visit our Industry Appreciation Award Archive.

The 2012 ComicsPRO Industry Appreciation Award winner is Bob Wayne, the Memorial Award winner is Phil Seuling.
The 2012 nominees are Cindy Fournier, David Gabriel, Robert Kirkman, Eric Stephenson, and Bob Wayne.
The 2012 memorial nominees are Julius Schwartz and Phil Seuling.


The 2011 ComicsPRO Industry Appreciation Award winner is Stan Lee, the Memorial Award winner is Jack Kirby.

The 2011 nominees are Steve Geppi, Denis Kitchen, Stan Lee, Bill Schanes and Bob Wayne.

The 2011 memorial nominees are Will Eisner, Jack Kirby, Julius Schwartz and Phil Seuling.


The 2010 ComicsPRO Industry Appreciation Award winner is Paul Levitz, the Memorial Award winner is Carol Kalish.

The 2010 nominees are Neil Gaiman, Steve Geppi, Paul Levitz, Dave Sim and Bob Wayne.

The 2010 memorial nominees are Will Eisner, Carol Kalish, Julius Schwartz and Phil Seuling.


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